Fleas are small, wingless, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds.Fleas are very agile insects that use their long legs to jump on and off of their hosts. Proper inspection is key to determining if you have fleas. You should look for the appearance of thefleas in your pet's fur, on your body or on the flooring of the living space, especially carpeting. If there is a flea infestation many times when you run your hand along the top of carpeting or rugs you will see the fleas jumping.


Scorpions are a nuisance pest that requires medical attention if stung. They are two to four inches long, with a stinger at the end of their tail-like structure. Scorpions are found primarily in the Southwest and Southern regions of the United States. They hunt their prey at night (other insects such as crickets or cockroaches), and during the day hide under rocks, logs and debris, or inside burrows and sandboxes. Indoors, scorpions may be lurking in attics, in bathrooms to find water, or even in folded up clothes and blankets. A scorpion infestation is controlled by removing materials where they could hide, damp environments, their food source and may require pesticide application.