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Wash Room cleaning

Washrooms offer an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. Further your washrooms are subject to dirt, grime and spoiling. Maintaining hygienic and clean washrooms is important for the health and safety of all using it. AtBeesHive , we offer washroom deep cleaning service suited for washrooms and organisations of all sizes. Our toilet cleaning service will remove stubborn stains and dirt as well as sanitise your toilet, killing all germs and bacteria.

BeesHive's washroom cleaning service offerings include
  • Deep cleaning and sanitisation of washroom surfaces and appliances.
  • Scrubbing of walls and floor.
  • Urinals and toilet seat sanitising systems.
  • De-scaling of urinals, basin/sink and toilet.

To execute our washroom deep cleaning service, we have cleaners who are well trained on the use of relevant chemicals and toilet cleaning equipment.

Our toilet deep cleaning service can be provided as a one-time cleaning service or on a regular maintenance programme basis. We can also offer this service complimentary to our daily cleaning service.

Call us for a quick and efficient washroom cleaning service, which will leave your toilets sparkling and healthy!

For further information call us at 97155 12444 or (0431) 2430047