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Silverfish are primitive (i.e., older than cockroaches), wingless insects that are 1/2-inch long when fully grown. They are covered with silvery scales and are flattened and somewhat "carrot" shaped. Three long, slender "antennae-like" appendages project from the end of the abdomen giving them the name "bristle tails." These insects are very long-lived, commonly living at least three years.

Silverfish are tropical insects that easily adapt to the structural environment. They live in warm, moist locations in structures; hide during the day; and rest in tight cracks and crevices. They roam great distances looking for food, but once a food source is located, they remain close until the supply is exhausted. They can be found throughout a structure from the basement to individual floors to attics. They readily feed on books, cloth, and sometimes dried meats or dead insects.

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