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We provide permanent termite treatment solutions - our termite control is effective, easy to live with, and environmentally-friendly. You know you'll sleep better at night if your home & office is protected with a complete termite control solution. The Bees Hive is the real answer.

We are specialists in three types of Termite Control Services

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment.

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment.

Garden Anti Termite Bait Treatment.

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Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Indian Standard Code of Practice for Anti-Termite Measures in Buildings: Part 2 Pre-Constructional Chemical Treatment Measures [Third Revision of IS 6313(Part 2)]

If you are planning to construct a new building we suggest for termite control solution by a professional.

We are using specialized and a advanced technique for treating termite problems.

Soil Treatment below and along external perimeters of the building.

  • Foundation Treatment.
  • Treatment of Plinth Area.
  • Treatment at junctions of floor and walls.

At Bees Hive we thoroughly inspect the soil and surroundings before the start of the construction of any building.The way in which buildings / homes are built impacts on the likely hood of termite invasion. During construction we often create conditions which are conducive to termite or may allow them to enter the building. There are number of steps we take to reduce the termite problems.

Soil-Applied Liquid Termiticides
Liquid treatments are applied to the soil to form a continuous chemical barrier in the soil around both sides of the foundation. This barrier prevents termites from reaching the foundation and, ultimately, the wood in the building. A properly-done soil treatment is not a onetime application. It is done in stages coordinated with all building activities from foundation construction through final grading of the soil around building exterior. In order for the treatment to be effective the final phase of the application is done after final grading and even landscaping is completed so that the treatment of soil is not disturbed.

Foundation Termite Barriers
Termites usually invade buildings by way of the foundation either by crawling up the exterior surface where their activity is usually obvious or by travelling inside masonry. We need to block their access points on or through the foundation.

At Bees Hive we use odorless and colourless termiticides to form a barrier against termites. Our method is quick and completely safe.

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Indian Standard Code of Practice for Anti-Termite Measures in Buildings: Part 3 Treatment for Existing Buildings [Third Revision of IS 6313(Part 3)]

  • Treatment of floor and walls junctions.
  • Treatment of wooden infrastructures.
  • Treatment of termite surrounding building foundation.

If you have noticed wood that sounds hollow, mud tubes on exterior walls, any cracked or bubbling paint or frass termite droppings then these are strong indicators that there are termite infestations. Termite infestation is difficult to detect as they work from inside to outside. Termites actually live hundreds of feet below the ground and form huge colonies.

Ridding a home or a commercial building of termites requires special skills. At Bees Hive during inspection we pin point specific termite attack zones where termites have entered or are likely to enter.

Treatment of Wall and Floor Junctions
Holes at suitable distance are drilled and termiticide solution is injected under pressure to create barriers against termites. Top floors if infested are given the same treatment. The holes on suitably sealed subsequently.

Treatment of Wooden Fixtures
Holes are drilled at the base of wooden fixtures such as winds frames, door frames and termiticide solution is injected. An oil-based termiticide is sprayed on all the wood work infested by the termites. Preventive treatment is carried out on other fixtures which are not infested.

Treatment of Termite Tubes
Termite tubes which are visible will be sprayed and removed and infested area will be treated with termiticide.

Treatment Surrounding Foundation
Holes are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall and termiticide is then injected so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there. Soil Surrounding the building will also be treated.

At Bees Hive we use highly effective odorless and effective chemicals used in all developed countries. These are hassle free and safe for occupants and completely kill termites.

Ridding a home or commercial establishment of termites requires special skills. Critical areas where termites are likely to enter need to be identified. Many of these potential points of entry are hidden and difficult to access.

At Bees Hive during inspection we pin point specific termite attack zones and liquid solution is applied directly to these areas, The treatment is also applied to outside foundation walls. We use odorless and tasteless termiticide, termites do not even know they are passing through it or transmitting it to other termites in their colony once infested, a growth inhibitor in the solution stops the molting process and the termites die.

Dry wood termites are treated with fumigation ensuring complete elimination of existing colonies.

Baiting System

Garden Anti Termite Bait Treatment
Baiting is one of the most effective treatments that can help solve the termite menace in your garden and lawn area.

In this type of system, wood is first placed as bait at strategic locations where the termites can attack. Once the infestation is discovered the wood is replaced with bait that contains wood treated with natural plant extracts and which is known to have a poisonous effect on the termites. Once the termites come into contact with this poisonous substance, it gets transferred to other termites as well thereby killing the whole colony.

Natural baiting is the most preferred because it does not use harmful chemicals. It is safe for the people staying in the vicinity but lethal to the termites.

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