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Adult centipedes are yellowish to dark brown, often with dark markings, and 1/8- to 6-inches long. The house centipede is grey-yellow with three stripes down the back and has very long legs banded with white. Adults of many species live a year and some as long as five to six years.

Centipedes, including the house centipede, prefer to live in moist environments. The housecentipede can live indoors in damp basements, moist closets, bathrooms and outdoors under stones, decaying firewood, objects on the ground, piles of leaves, mulch, etc. Mostcentipedes are active at night.

Scorpions are a nuisance pest that requires medical attention if stung. They are two to four inches long, with a stinger at the end of their tail-like structure. Scorpions are found primarily in the Southwest and Southern regions of the United States. They hunt their prey at night (other insects such as crickets or cockroaches), and during the day hide under rocks, logs and debris, or inside burrows and sandboxes. Indoors, scorpions may be lurking in attics, in bathrooms to find water, or even in folded up clothes and blankets. A scorpion infestation is controlled by removing materials where they could hide, damp environments, their food source and may require pesticide application.

This is a service designed to prevent and to stop snakes from entering your premises. The chemical used works more of a repellant that is applied on the outer surfaces of a structure , acting as a barrier to entry.

" We are here to live with all living beings and we shall give space for all, it is for our survival we need them all"

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